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Vigorous Fitness Clubs

Is it a Gym?


It’s Something Totally New

 Unlike Anything You Have Ever Experienced

 It’s Vigorous!

Vigorous Fitness Clubs are all about social interaction with people who feel the same way about their bodies and thrive off one another’s ENERGY. Picture it, a feeling of nothing but ENERGY, all laid out just right to make your workout the best part of your day.

As you step into the club, you are greeted by a swath of warm inviting colors like deep purple and heather gray. All lit up by yellow, pink and purple track lighting throughout the entire club.

As you move further in you take notice of the music that is grabbing your soul and taking control of your body. Your body only has one thought, to let all this ENERGY go, and start the process of fueling your body with the best part of your day….


Your workout at Vigorous Fitness Club!

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Vigorous Fitness Clubs
Category Fitness
Posted Friday, October 18th, 2013

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