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MIMS: Multispeciality NABH Hospital in Calicut, Kerala, India.

Getting pregnant is not always easy. About 1 in 6 couple consults a fertility specialist in infertility treatment in kerala at  at the end of 1 year for inability to conceive.
Infertility may result from factors affecting either of the partners; in some instances despite investigation, the cause is never identified and this is unexplained infertility.
How long does it take to get pregnant?
People who try naturally, 2-3 times a week have 20-30% chance of conceiving in any month. Average couple with wife less than 35 yrs takes 4-6 months to achieve pregnancy.
Statistics show- 30% couples conceive within a month of trying
75% conceive within 6 months
90% conceive within a year
95% conceive within 2 yrs

Time it right
For fertilization to occur, the man’s sperms need to meet the woman’s egg at the time of ovulation-when the egg is released from the ovary
Ovulation normally occurs on 14th day of a 28 day cycle; if menstrual cycle is longer or shorter-count 14 days back from when the next period is due.

When to seek help??
Experts suggest seeing a doctor at ivf centres in kerala if no pregnancy occurs after 1 yr of regular unprotected intercourse.

Females should seek advice if
-You are 35 and above and haven’t conceived after 6 months of trying.
-At 38 yrs –don’t delay—fertility declines drastically.
-Have been previously diagnosed with pelvic infection.
-Irregular periods or PCOS.
-Have had previous ectopic with one of the fallopian tubes removed.
-Have had previous appendicitis or abdominal surgery which can cause scarring or blocked fallopian tubes.
-Have been diagnosed with endometriosis.
-Have symptoms which may reflect hormonal deficiency after a head or brain injury.

Male should seek help if-
History of infection affecting testicles like -mumps
History of surgery for undescended testis/ hernia repair.
Have been treated for infection affecting testis, which can cause obstruction of ducts that carry sperms.
Have sexual dysfunction-premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
Have a job that involves radiation or contact with industrial chemicals.
Have symptoms which may reflect hormonal deficiencies after head or brain injury.

Special circumstances
There are certain situations in which it is preferable or necessary to have a baby using fertility treatment rather than conceiving in a conventional way-these include previous cancer treatment in kerala cancer hospitals resulting in either partners becoming sub fertile.
Couple where one partner has hepatitis b or c or HIV-In such cases IUI /IVF/ ICSI can avoid transmission of the disease to uninfected partner.
Couples where there is high risk of passing on a serious incurable inherited disease such as muscular dystrophy ,cystic fibrosis ,hemophilia caused by single gene defect .embryos created by IVF can be screened by Preimplantation genetic diagnosis  before being placed in the womb.

What does initial evaluation mean??
Initial evaluation includes simple tests such as –
Test for ovulation- Ultrasound or LH surge test kit.
Blood tests to check hormonal problems as polycystic ovary and premature menopause.
Screening for rubella -To take rubella vaccine pre-conception ally.
Semen analysis for men.

What next??
If the results of initial tests are normal ,you and your partner are young and healthy(less than 35 yr female),have been trying for only less than one year, you can wait for another 6 month to 1 year ,before meeting a specialist in ivf hospitals in kerala.

Meet a doctor without delay if
You are 35 years or older-fertility investigations and treatment can take time to complete and above 39 years the success rates of all treatment are low.
Your menstrual cycle is less than 21 days or more than 35 days which suggests an underlying hormonal problem or ovulation problem which needs evaluation.
Scan or LH test suggests you are not ovulating.
You have had previous ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection or endometriosis, all of which may be linked to blocked fallopian tubes
There is any abnormality in anatomy or structure of your reproductive organ.
For men meet without delay if semen analysis tests suggests low sperm count or poor motility or morphology.

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The Malabar institute of Medical sciences Ltd (MIMS) a 600 bedded multi specialty nabh hospitals Accredited hospital in calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala, India. MIMS helps provide comprehensive, caring, expert and cost effective medical treatment of international standard with a  team of highly qualified and committed medical professionals and the state-of-the-art medical equipments.It is a pioneer institute in the state of Kerala renowned for its excellent medical expertise, kerala cancer treatment, nursing care,ivf kerala and quality of diagnostic services.

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